Faces of Open Source

Faces of Open Source is an on-going photographic documentation of the people behind the development and advancement of free and open source software.

I love this project. It reminds me of a collection I started to compile a few years ago. It’s great to see the people behind the software.


KaTeX, Khan Academy's Math Typesetting Library

Khan Academy has published the fastest typesetting library for the web. IntMath’s KaTeX and MathJax comparison demo shows some impressive performance improvements. The demo page took 177 ms to process on my laptop. The MathJax version on the other hand took 4777 ms. The performance comes at a price that not everything is supported in KaTeX (yet). I wish aligned equations were supported, but I can live with it. Until I run across more serious problems I’ll happily use KaTeX instead of MathJax.

How to stop a hanging Windows service

Windows processes and services can be controlled with the task manager, but occasionally I found hanging processes that required a reboot. Windows has some useful command line tools that could help avoiding a reboot and save some time: 1) Open command line prompt (cmd) as Administrator 2) Find process id with sc queryex {servicename}, e.g. sc queryex Apache2.4. You can also use tasklist|find "{executable}", e.g. tasklist|find "httpd" 3) Kill the process with taskkill /f /pid {PID}, e.