Cycling Log September 2008

2008-09-14 North Point State Park

The first half of the route was quite pleasant. The beginning of my return trip was okay and interesting as I took an unmapped road that wasn’t open for general traffic. I don’t know why this road was closed–it was in a very good shape. It was a very nice and without any traffic a safer route than North Point Street. Riding back toward home quickly became more difficult with every additional mile. The uphill ride on Charles Street pushed me to my limits. I brought two bottles of water, but they were not enough to keep me hydrated and cool enough. The bike began to feel heavier, my neck started to hurt, my legs started to hurt, and feet as well as my hands tended to fall asleep. I made it back home and was ready to get out again soon, but overall it pretty much tired me out for the rest of the day.

Mistake #1: I should have had enough water last night and this morning before I started my ride.

Mistake #2: I underestimated the weather and wore a longsleeve tee.

Mistake #3: I might have underestimated the switch to the mountain bike after having ridden the (lightweight) 3-speed for the past few weeks.

Despite the difficulties on my way back, it was again a remarkable trip through so many different, very different places each with their individual smells. A feast for the senses. From city alleys with a mix of garbage and dead animals, to the harbor with a surprisingly strong fish odor, to an industrial area smelling like electronics, metal, steel and tar, to a road that somewhat smelled like old socks (lol), to a field with a familiar farm smells, through a park with a familiar pleasant wood-smell, to the beach with a nice view across the water… all these impressions makes it all worth the troubles on my return. I’m curious about riding this route this winter. I hope we will get some snow, too.

Date/Time: 09/14/2008 07:11 AM

Route: Route to North Point State Park via Boston St, Ponca St, Holabird Ave, Wise Ave, North Point Blvd, North Point St, Old Bay Shore Rd. Paused at beach. Return via an unmapped road, Sparrows Point Rd, North Point St, North Point Blvd, Wise Ave, Holabird Ave, Ponca St, Boston St, Charles St. Google Map

Length: Approx. 35.1 miles

Traffic: Easy going most of the way.

Weather: Started out warm and humid, but bearable; ended very sunny, hot and humid, heavy air.

Bike: Jamis Durango Hardtail Mod. with 26x2.2 Maxxis Holy Roller