Trisomie 21

Trisomie 21 were a French indy, synth-/electro-pop, ambient (difficult to categorize) band in the 80s/90s. I got introduced to them around 1990 with two vinyl records Raw Material and Plays The Pictures.

These two albums were just wonderful and I began to collect all their albums in the following years. Their music was also featured in a French movie, and I found very interesting how the landscapes I imagined while listening to this music actually matched the filmmaker’s vision, too. Hard to find in Germany at the time, but relatively easy to import thanks to the fnac-store in France.

A decade has passed since then and I don’t have these albums anymore. The music will probably sound very dated by today’s standards but I’m desperately looking for the albums below. If anybody is willing to sell them or if anybody know where I could find them, please please send me a note. I would be eternally thankful. The albums I’m looking for (CD and vinyl release) are:

  • T21 Plays The Pictures
  • Raw Material
  • The Songs By T21 Vol. 1
  • The Songs By T21 Vol. 2

Unfortunately, the other older releases were a bit redundant—The Songs includes almost everything they released at that time—and I didn’t enjoy Happy Mystery Child they released in 2004 after many years of silence. Maybe I should listen to their most recent albums again, but I definitely would love to get these four albums.