The last route went east to Mönchengladbach’s neighbor Korschenbroich — the following route will lead through the western neighbor Niederkrüchten, a municipality in the district of Viersen. Living in Baltimore nowadays I haven’t ridden any of these routes for quite a long time, but my memories of the Niederkrüchten route seem to date even further back into the past, because I don’t exactly remember any details about the segment in Niederkrüchten.

I remember enjoying this route a lot, especially the ride on the bumpy dirt tracks, through the fields to the municipal park in Rheydt I mentioned in some of my previous routes - featuring mini-golf, table-tennis and more. The route follows Stadtwaldstrasse along Rheindahlen towards Merreter, Genhausen, Bau and Gatzweiler to Holtmühle. I remember Holtmühle. The fifth stage “Around Mönchengladbach” led to and through this area, too. From there my memory fades as the route continues along Molzmühle to Merbeck, from Merbeck to Niederkrüchten, Luettelforst, Schwaam and Fischeln. My memory returns again with Hardt, Venn and Holt. But strange, even the photos and satellite pictures of the Niederkrüchten area fail to refresh my memory. I should definitely ride this route when I visit my old home again. It is about 50 kilometers long.

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