The following is a compact little route around my old “neighborhood” - well, sort of. My old home is close to the Volksgarten park and Schloss Rheydt, the old manor-house that already appeared in many of the previous routes. Korschenbroich is the next neighbor town east of Mönchengladbach, situated on the Niers river.

The route starts on Zwölf Morgen and follows Ritterstrasse toward Schloss Rheydt, then Bruchstrasse next to the sports field Neersbroich and the old Bolten brewery. It continues via Danziger street, Engbrueck toward the Niederrhein clinic and turns left to the Korschenbroich train station. At Rochuskappelle it will follow the Neusser street to an Austrian restaurant “Zum Tiroler” and continue north on Zollhausstrasse to Herrenshoff. The rout then will lead through Herzbroich back to the Korschenbroich train station, on Grüner Zierdenweg north to Raderbroich, and then back south toward Pesch, Zalfenstrasse to the Rochuskapelle. It leads back on Korschenbroicher street, and at the Niers bridge it turns into the Volksgarten park.

I can’t say for sure what exactly I like about this route, but I always found it very enjoyable. Maybe it’s the familiarity of the area, its proximity to home, the Volksgarten, the straight (fast) segment on Korschenbroicher street. But it also leads through the park, trails and streets – urban, but safe, quiet and really nice areas. It’s perhaps the mixture of different terrains and sceneries that make this route so enjoyable. The route is about 29 kilometers and very easy to ride. It’s a great little warmup for the longer (50 km) routes, and also features probably the best ice cream parlour in or near Mönchengladbach. :)

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