Holger Czukay Re-Releases

Exciting music-news reached me a little while ago about some re-releases and remixes by Holger Czukay. His two albums Flux + Mutability and Plight & Premonition with David Sylvian have been some of my top-favorite albums for many years.

Holger Czukay will release a new version of Plight & Premonition, twice as long (!) as the original. I always hoped to hear more of this music and different, longer versions… There are some remixed versions on David Sylvian’s Camphor, and there are some fantastic recordings available with Approaching Silence and Ember Glance, but that’s where my knowledge ends. I haven’t found any works comparable to these albums. Flux + Mutability and Plight & Premonition remained unique in all these years. I can’t wait to get this new release.

It was first mentioned in Holger Czukay’s news-article News #111, but then postponed in news-article News #112.