Hello and welcome!

I’m a web developer located in Baltimore, MD. My interests include computer graphics and animation, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, fluid dynamics, dynamical systems, maths, physics, and natural sciences.

If it really takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery in one of these topics, I’ll probably never achieve it, but hey - in the end it’s the journey that matters. :)

And the journey is what this site is for. It’s a place to collect my notes about everything I’ve learned or made. At this time it doesn’t look like I have made or learned much, but I’ll continue to add more as I find time to spare.

I don’t have a specific structure in mind yet, but one day I would like to assemble my notes to a helpful resource. I hope that someone with the same interests can find some the inspiration, answers and pointers I’ve aways been looking for myself in my self-directed studies.

Thanks for visiting!